A good lifestyle coach will first teach you how to live a healthy life, and then teach you how to reduce weight.

Have you been on a yo-yo weight loss program half your life? Are you always starving to death one day and then eating like there is no tomorrow?

Maybe it is time to look for a different way. Learning how to eat nutritiously is the first step in a healthy living program, followed by maintaining a healthy weight. Your body will not let go of weight if you are nutritionally deficient.

Helping you let go of unnecessary habits and live your life more fully in the moment.  Taking the time to figure out what you want and need.  Asking the right questions.  Coaching is not a therapy, or a hand-holding.  It’s about working together to define and refine your plan for work, love, health, finance, family…the things that matter most to you.  ENJOY! CREATE! SOLVE CHALLENGES, WITH A CLEAR HEAD AND MAKE CRITICAL PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL DECISIONS.