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What Is a Health Coaching Session Like?

Our coaching sessions take place by Skype and consist of 15-30 minute conversations between you and your personal health coach to help you set goals to improve your health and wellness (personal development). During your initial appointment, session dates and times will be planned at customized intervals based on your goals and support needs. Your coach will provide education related to your health concerns, answer your questions, make any necessary referrals, and keep you motivated.

What Is a Reiki Session Like?

What is distance Healing?

Distance Reiki is healing given to someone who is not actually physically present for the session.

Transmission of Reiki energy is not limited by time and space. The Reiki practitioner can live in a different town, city, country, or just down the road from the recipient and a Reiki treatment can be accomplished with the recipient’s permission to receive Reiki. The  amazing thing is one can receive just as beneficial effects from a long distance absent session as form a direct hands-on session.

Distance Reiki can work on the same issues that one would seek from a hands-on Reiki session.

These would include: pain, discomfort, depression and other emotional conditions, addictive behaviors and stress.

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