Naturopathy & Naturopathic are terms coined in the late 1800s to describe the scientific practice of using natural medicines and gentle healing techniques to restore health to the body. Today, naturopathy maintains its historic beliefs that the body can heal itself and maintain its own balance if given the proper nutrition and assistance it needs. When the body is ill, naturopathy believes that the body’s natural ability to maintain healthy balance is disturbed. Naturopathic work to restore the natural elements needed for the body to regain its own proper balance, functioning and healing ability. What is the difference between an MD and a Naturopath? Naturopathy is a system of medicine that emphasizes prevention & wellness and incorporates a wide range of alternative & natural techniques. It differs from modern medicine in that MD’s most effective role is crisis & emergency care through surgery & drugs. Naturopathic physicians believe that such treatment is helpful when needed, but ultimately that preventive care & natural treatment will prevent health crises and that complementary care will enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. WHO IS YOUR FAMILY NATUROPATH? Read More
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Our coaching sessions take place by Skype and consist of 45-90 minute conversations between you and your personal health coach to help you set goals to improve your health and wellness (personal development). Your coach will provide education related to your health concerns, answer your questions, make any necessary referrals, and keep you motivated. Read more

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