Anna Dias

Anna Dias

Naturopath + Reflexologist

My Vision; Be mindfulness, consistent with good habits, take baby steps, and consider the 4 pillars of self-care; nutrition, movement / exercise, stress reduction and sleep. You will create a happier quality of life and attract better opportunities!

Principal Associate, NaturAnna

Anna Dias is a certified naturopath,reflexologist that studied at College Canadien des Naturopathes. Certified Reiki Master.

She is continuously adding to her library of knowledge by attending various workshops, such as: functional medicine, healing the emotional body, new products release.

Every Year she attends the CHFA conference and road show (last one 2015).

Anna Dias is the founder of NaturAnna health concept. She is also a member of the corporation CPMDQ.

She has been in the alternative medicine over 15 years and works in hand with the finest Doctors in Montreal.

She is a former student of Concordia University in psychology and continuing education since 2018 . She also studied gnosis psychology. Her teaching is complemented, by studies in nutrition, pathology, and herbology.

She worked as a health consultant at Tau store, a consultant at pharmacy Pearson( Westmount) and a manager at Naturiste. Her interests are vast, although she likes to focus her energies on a happy and balanced lifestyle through nutrition, cleansing/detoxing the body, as well as the prevention of the propagation of diseases, and identifying the underlying causes of such issues.

She hopes to continue to inspire others to a happier life, guiding them to reach their true potential and help them find their highest expression of self!!
She wishes that everyone would follow their heart.

NaturAnna is looking forward in bringing this concept alive.

Her expertise at hand:

· Health coach;, organizing/solving challenges in different areas of your life(career/work, health, love and personal growth)

* Detoxing the body
* Loss of weight and to maintain

* Nutrition

* Mental and emotional well being
* Woman’s Health(PMS,Hormonal)

* Digestive ailments prevention
* Anxiety