Holistic Nutrition


EAT MORE REAL FOOD, NOT MORE FOOD PRODUCTS. “Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” ~Mike Adams

The First step is to understand that certain foods we ingest in our bodies nourishes our cells and gives us energy. Likewise, some foods can create excess toxin in our bodies which makes us feel sluggish, tired, leads to minor symptoms, general poor health, disease and our state of death.
Holistic Nutrition is having enough molecules /nutrients to run the body properly, help grow, maintain, repair and prevent incorporation of toxic molecule. Here are a few key components to healthier eating
• Eat clean foods ingredient
• Eat enough protein per day according to your weight: Protein is extremely important at all ages, especially growing older it helps keep our muscles strong, rebuilds muscle after a workout, and helps maintain bone mass. Also, our body can’t store protein over long periods the way it can store fat (or store carbohydrates as fat) Since we can’t rely on protein stores, we must make a point to eat protein at every meal to give our muscles the building blocks they need for repair and growth.
• Get some important supplements such as a good Multi mineral -vitamin, with enough vitamin C, and Magnesium: Eating right might not be enough!! Chances are we need to replenish our bodies to make up for daily life stressors, furthermore the insufficient nutrients in our soil.
• Eat foods that are rich in nutrients: for instance, if we look at the value of nutrients in a slice of white bread vs a sprouted bread. There is a big difference!
• Cook your food appropriately
• Enjoy the food you are eating: Food is necessary, nourishing, tasty and enjoyable. Tasty, healthy, nutritious food carries us longer and so we can often eat less of it. When our mealtimes become about mindfulness, pleasure, and self-care, we are less likely to “act out” and make unhealthy choices, overeat, eat mindlessly, or otherwise sabotage ourselves and our health. Listen to your body – you know what you like, and you typically know when you have had enough. Learn to stop then. Instead of saying “no” to good food, say no to “too much.”
There is so much more to be said on Holistic nutrition, it is a journey, along with a wonderful experience to create healthier bodies which we can connect through, healthier hearts, moods, brain and most of all fight the diseases of aging. The trinity of Nutrition, movement and sleep, is the most important tool to protect ourselves as we age, it promotes cellular growth, repair and energy production.

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