Going Back to school, during Covid time

Hello everyone, how are all of you doing, are you feeling push to get your kids vaccinated?

Do you feel bullied by the government?  Feeling like you are not a good parent, not knowing what choice to make.  Well, you are not alone!  In the last year and a half, we have been bombarded literally with words to keep our distances, to wear a mask, curfews, closing shops, in home schooling for students, wearing masks in classes and outdoor activities, and the most recent is to get our children vaccinated.

Now, if we do not comply and get our children vaccinated, they will miss out on possibly many activities in school and outdoor grounds.  Who knows really all is up in the air!

It is completely unfair to have our children go through this ordeal, for the simple satisfaction of experimental gene therapy, followed by power and control which the system wants to create.  Withholding freedom of our rights, is an inhumane act not to mention how emotionally draining it is to continuously hear those kids should be vaccinated if they shall participate in school team sports, field trips, etc.  Children have already been exposed to unprecedented amounts of fear, instability, shaming, psychological trauma, and segregation through the COVID 19 measures and are therefore even more susceptible to being influenced by those in authority than their developmental stage would usually entail.  Schools include vaccine and COVID 19 “vaccine” curriculum, which is biased, prejudicial and is a form of undue influence on any minor child.  The curriculum excludes full disclosure of the growing risks (adverse reaction and death) of experimental treatments, and the emerging evidence that the shots do not provide protection, as claimed.  Vaccination

Instead of medicating us or imposing us with poison, let’s educate the population how to heal our bodies, with safe and effective treatments along with preventive measures which exist for COVID 19 but unfortunately has not been completely revealed to the public.

So, I would like to share some natural tips that can help you and your family be one step ahead of the game. First and foremost, we need to understand that before self-medicating yourself or any of your family members, I strongly suggest consulting a licensed practitioner, these therapists have experimental and knowledgeable background in what you are looking to achieve in your health life choices. Natural supplementation can be just as harmful as any other medication, so choosing the right dosage, natural supplement or cleansing is a very important factor to take into consideration.  Everyone is different and must not foresee another’s one’s protocol to be the same as theirs, just because it has work for them.

Oh, right then, let’s begin, some of the basic supplement and good health practices to consider for children and teens that can have a great impact on theirs everyday life.

  1. Probiotics: help maintain a healthy gut by producing good bacteria’s therefore to be able to fight further invasive pathogens.
  2. Fish oil with epa-dha; help cognitive function, along with healthy skin, eyes, and heart, it can very likely reduce brain fog, increase memory function and hormonal balance in teens.
  3. Vit D3; it helps balance moods and reduce fatigue when we are transitioning to changes of season (summer to fall-to winter)
  4. Immune modulator product: Deep immune for kids (St Francis)- or echinaforce, what this means is the herb-supplement has dual action it can act as a stimulator or suppressor to the immune system depending on what the body may need to fight invading virus. Some products claim to help boost the immune system but in effect boosting the immune system is not always beneficial to the body when it needs rest.


  1. A variety in kids diet and reducing sugar intake can bring them along way, it helps reduce overall inflammation in the body, and get better restful sleep. School days, be consistent on daily routine tasks, sleep, hygiene and eating habits, I believe it to build confidence and autonomy.


  1. Some of my favorite brands are Genestra, St Francis, Vogel, and Nature Sea



Finally, to make the decision to be vaccinated or not, is a conscience choice that only us can decide, but regardless I believe implementing some healthier changes, voicing our opinions can feel better while transitioning into a new world.


Source: Action4Canada.com

I wish you good physical & mental health,

Much love,


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