Love our bodies into deep

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have posted.  These few months have been a game of contemplation, what  how and which topic should I elaborate on.  The truth of the matter is, we are bombarded with so much information, that swings us in so many different direction.   So, I have decided to reduce my posting in the hopes of a brighter, creative and inspiring approach.  I will continue to forward all my latest products and health articles.

This Month’s theme will be,  to love our bodies into deep. Each man and women have tried at least once to get rid of excess weight.  Some have succeeded and others are still in the process.  It can be exhausting to listen to all sort of gurus, programs and try every diet and still have no success, not to mention our time, money and energy being depleted.


Recently I attended a webinar on Calories in Calories out, it is mind blowing on how much money is spent on weight loss, it is estimated over 200 billion by this year.

What keeps reoccurring is the fact that most diets don’t focus on the root cause of weight gain… a slow and damaged metabolism.

It’s not just about the foods (like all those diets would have us believe) it has a lot to do with all the wear & tear of the actual metabolism over the years.

The metabolism is mainly made up of the brain (the hypothalamus, the master hormone conductor of the body) and the thyroid.

When our bodies are full of inflammation, toxins & stress—our natural organs are working poorly.

Pouring down shakes, swallowing oversized pills, and stressing our body out with lots of cardio, personal training, and boot camps makes the weight problem even worse. Including oxidative stress.


Here are some of the reason why we don’t lose the weight.

  • We have been suppressing a symptom or several, which is essentially shutting down the body’s attempt to re-establish health.
  • We are putting a band aid on the pain, and not healing the root cause. Ex: headaches commonly due to pressure/inflammation, so we take an Advil to get rid of the pain, but we are unconsciously creating further inflammation to the body.
  • Accumulation of toxins is a prime example of physiological challenges that leads to development of symptoms.


So how do we fix this?

We must heal these organs and send the body the right signals for there to be any hope of letting go of the fat. We need to be aware that fat is inherently protective, if we hope to lose it, we must first lose whatever our fat is protecting us from, either starvation, hypothermia, injury, toxins or emotional pain.  It is important to target the underlining cause!

Healing these organs and resetting the metabolism is exactly what a Metabolic Reset specializes in.

The result is the body is finally able to quickly let go of the inflammatory fat.

All while energy levels increase and chronic aches and pains diminish or resolve.

This not only results in the body letting go of fat quickly, but also more energy, more clarity of thinking, more freedom to move without any pain and people feeling like themselves again.

For those who want to finally release all the weight, keep it off for good, and feel like their real selves again, a Metabolic Reset may be the answer.


In the end, whatever we are struggling with, ridding toxic waste from our bodies takes precedent, over self-medicating. Our number one priority should be caring for ourselves and find a medium to a healthier lifestyle.

Happy Valentine,


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