Nature is calling

Hello everyone, how are people holding up in these uncertain times.

The least we can say is that this long period of confinement allowed us to question ourselves on many levels! Whether it is at the level of our family, social or professional relationships, our future, the vaccine or our appearance on Zoom, few aspects of our life have escaped it! Since spring is usually the season in which we come out of hibernation and become more social little beasts again, it will be interesting to see how we combine this with the sanitary rules in place.


How are you adapting to these new rules, are you leaning towards compliance(acceptance) or defiance(resisting), the truth of the matter is, how can we deal best with this new reality that has been place into our hands?  Between us, it feels like living in a twilight zone, when I am going for my morning walks in nature without any constraint, then on the same day having to shop at my local grocery store with a mask on. It is simply Crazy!!  I quite prefer to be free and not to have to wear one!  Hence, how do I live in this duality and continue to balance body, mind, and spirit.


This time has made me realize the elemental importance of freedom, being kind to one and other, socialization, and being in nature.  These elements are detrimental to our wellbeing! Yes, the needs of each and everyone of us might be a little different, but certain fundamental needs we cannot escape, such as breathing, sleeping, and eating, which brings me to my next point.  The foundation of breathing, sleeping, and eating is what we should focus on these times.  One is our breathing; the body cannot exist in both fight or flight and rest-and – digest at the same time.  When you feel yourself switching into fight or flight, stop and take three slow breaths.  This forces your body back into rest-and-digest and helps you feel calm.  Especially this past year, it might have felt exasperating to wear a mask for long periods at a time.  Here are a few tips I would like to recommend.

  1. Limit carbohydrates, refined sugars; When we metabolize carbs for energy, we produce carbon dioxide. If you eat more protein and fats, we produce less carbon dioxide, so it is easier to breathe.
  2. Stay hydrated; drinking enough water helps to thin mucous in the lungs and improve breathing. Daily 1.5 liter and over is a good amount.
  3. When wearing a mask, use one of your favorite essential oil and add a few drops on the mask tissue away from the eye level, to help the breathing (some that I like, eucalyptus, thyme, mint.

If you enjoyed this article share with friends and colleagues.  Keep it real and continue to breathe…

Wishing all an inspirational season.


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