Naturopathic Tip

Help relieve reduce allergies

The pulse testing is a technique you can use at home to determine food allergies.  Take your pulse with your index finger for one minute. A normal pulse rate is between 52 and 70 beats per minute.  After taking your normal pulse rate, eat the food in question.  If the suspected food is dairy eat it by itself (that is, do not eat cheese on slice of bread) so you can ensure that the allergy is to the dairy and not to the bread.  Wait approximately 15 min-20 min after eating the food and retake your pulse.   If your pulse has sped over 10 beats per minute, eliminate the food and retest yourself within a month.

Eliminate anti-nutrient foods from your children’s diet, such as white sugar, caffeine, food dyes, aspartame, and preservatives.

Increase high intake of Vit C and bioflavonoids found in fruits and greens vegetables.  They protect the body against allergens, boost immunity, and reduce inflammatory response.

Variety in food; helps to create a tolerance to all foods and allow the food to be process quicker out of the body.

Fish oil, fish oil, fish oil helps inflammation in the body which is one of the key factors to allergies.

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