Upside down holiday

It has been a while since I have last written on my blog, much has been going on with my life and around the world.

The holidays are approaching, and I am wondering if everyone is finding a way to stay grounded, positive, and sane during these uncertain and tumultuous times. These times has brought much confusion and incoherency to our lives, including our physical health, emotional and mental being.  Not that the purpose of life is necessarily to be happy and positive all the time, but more to be free. To feel empowered and free no matter what circumstances are occurring around us.  And to be free, we need tools to help us stay present as a neutral observer when things hits the fan, or rather, does not go the way we think it should go.

I have been wrapping my head around the important, less important issues and how to prioritize them in categories of urgency, non-urgent and what is needed.

No matter what this unusual situation will be, I believe the importance to keep our health in check, maintain a healthy immune system is the key component to help withstand these unpredictable times.  The fact is, less distractions, can help us focus on what really matters and go back to basics.  This can be a positive time!  How often do we have to self-care, reflect, and explore how we feel?

These are times of purification, to search for other health modalities to encompass a vital body.  Some of many options can be meditation, cleansing the body through natural herbs, diet-journaling, eating right or even to see a health professional for guidance.

One aspect I am been working on is self-awareness and getting to know myself under stress.  The mountain of stressors in our life is constantly growing.  Every time our stress tolerance rises to new heights, we -or those around us-push and push until we take on more.  All the high-tech gadgets at our disposal are not helping, either.  If anything, they just seem to speed up our life.

Most people recognize some of the warning signs that pop up when stress is looming.  The question is: do you heed their warning.  Everyone would benefit tremendously from learning to recognize your first sign of stress.  The human mind and body are interlinked, the voices tell us through emotional and physiological reactions when it is time to slow down and take a break.  For example, an upset stomach can be a sign that the nervousness and anxiety are overwhelming our body.  The ingestion and fatigue that follow are our body’s way of taking some time off to rest.

Maybe for you, intense stress and anxiety may create an upset stomach, while for others the physical signs, can be a pounding headache, canker sores or their backs going out.  Your self-awareness in times of stress should serve as your third ear to listen to your body cry for help.

Here are some strategies to self-awareness I would like to share.


  • Lean into your discomfort: avoiding discomfort or pain creates problems, because it is merely a short-term fix. Managing ourselves effectively and recognizing what you need to do to change or finding the root problem can reap long term positive effects. For example: chronic headaches can be a sign of a basic neglect in our daily life.
  • Breathe Right: most people breathe in short, shallow breaths throughout the day that they do not fully contract their diaphragm to fill their lungs. Anytime you choose to breathe right and flood your brain with oxygen, you will notice the effects immediately.
  • Visit your values: Take the time to check in with yourself and jot down your core beliefs and values.  Ask yourself, what are the values that I wish to live my life by? Take a sheet a paper and separate it into two columns.  One side your core beliefs and values and the other side anything you have done or said recently that you are not proud of.  Repeating this exercise daily or monthly will be a huge boost to your self-awareness.  Before you know it, you will find yourself thinking of the list before you act which will set the stage for making choices you can live with.
  • Keep a journal of your emotions and food intake: the biggest challenge to developing self-awareness is objectivity.  A journal help see things clearly and record what events triggered strong emotions in you and how you respond to them.



In conclusion, I encourage everyone to awaken their true potential and rise to consciousness.  Connect with your body, mind, and soul for a brighter, clearer path that we all deserve to live.


Wishing good health and good life,  Warm wishes for the holidays!

Anna R. Dias N.D


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