Celebrate Holidays but honor Self-Care

Holidays help us remember important national and religious events, a fun time to enjoy family, and love one’s but to some preparing for the holidays can be grim and tiresome. There is fine line to balance between celebrating these wonderful holidays without taking a tool on our self-care.
Here are a few helpful tips to help stay in tune with self-Care and continue the holiday spirit;
Energize yourself- the holiday is a festive time, but it is also a time of running around, buying gifts, preparing homemade dishes, and decking the halls. So, get up, move around, play some invigorating music. Stretch your arms and your legs. Move your body around. Get out for a walk. Watch children play, they seem to have unlimited supply of energy. If you don’t feel your energy perhaps something is blocking it. You might be experiencing some resistance to what you are trying to do. Clear the circuits.

Remember to laugh- No matter what our circumstances, where we are, what’s going on, laughter is important. It’s essential. Laughter changes our face. It changes our outlook. Some even suggest, it changes our biochemistry.

Learn to be present- Give the gift of presence on the holidays. Staying fully present for friends, family, ourselves, our lives. Staying in the moment with our hearts open, will change other people’s lives and ours. Learn to release all that stand in the way of you and the present moment. Learn to let go of all that blocks you from being fully present for yourself and others.

Take time to eat well- We are what we eat. To some people the Holidays can bring us extra pounds of body weight. Wholesome food and new recipes which are so hard to resist can have us devouring many plates. By resisting, we can end up eating more of it!! How about removing certain foods without resisting. What I mean, make a meal and lessen one or two food- ingredients during the holiday festivities. For instance: cook without garlic. Garlic is very powerful medicine, but it’s one thing to consume something as a medicine and it’s an entirely different thing to consume it as daily food substance. Garlic is a stimulant food. Anything that stimulates the nervous system holds you up for some time and then dumps you.

Self-Care is reminder to be in the moment , create space in our lives and regroup. Make things simple, it can help alleviate pressure on yourself, so whatever your choices are make them small. Baby steps!

Wishing all of you  Happy Holiday’s and A Prosper Year!

Good health is Good living,





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