Favorite product of the month

Bone Health+ – Flora

Sustainability, quality, and respected long family-owned company.

You cannot go wrong with this product.  They seem to have found a nice synergy of ingredients.  I like the fact, there are vitamin D& K2.  These vitamins are a catalyst, they help the absorption and assimilation of calcium.  The Key vitamin K2 has been said, to help transport calcium from the blood directly to the bone.  This avoids calcium crystal deposit in our body.  This product includes trace minerals and silicon derived from horsetail.

Highly bioavailable- high standards in their raw material.

Note: it contains soy for those allergic.


I really enjoy working with this company , they have a variety of products which I will discuss in my next post.  Some of these products are, detox Flor essence and tea selection.

Let me know, what you think about this product!

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