Finding our path

Hello everyone, it has been a while since, I last posted.  These times has been precious, flowing with many changes in my life.  Transformation has been the focal point!  It has been harder than ever to make the right decisions and know which directions to take.  If this resonates with any of my readers, I only wish to share compassion and maybe some insight.

We all have many responsibilities, some more than others.  The rush of our everyday routine, and time slipping through our hands, can be daunting.  I speak for myself!  There are many things I would like to do and explore, but don’t quite get the time to relax and feel into my heart.  My thoughts are constantly telling me to go go go, always looking for something to do and, a voice telling me “Time is running out,” but my heart say’s slow down and trust the process.



So, let’s explore time for what it consists of.  Have you ever noticed, when you want to change a habit, we sometimes brush it off, even if this habit makes us feel uncomfortable at the core of our being. We might say to ourselves  “ I am busy,, I have no time to spare”.

How will we ever find the time to fix this chronic chantage in our heads? If, this is how we think, will it not sabotage our true path of integrity? This chantage is constantly beating us and pulling us away from our true happiness.  Isn’t happiness what people are yearning for?


How do we achieve our dreams if we never have time to pursue them?  What is controlling us?  Perhaps it is the media, constantly bombarding us with controversy news , distracting information, and a system with false hopes that is subconsciously telling us to walk in their path .  Can this be desensitizing us to believe in our hearts and to walk in our shoes instead of others? Or can it be lack of confidence or being in a state of scarce? I don’t have all the answers , but one thing is sure, time is passing us by, and each time we say; “ I  have no time” it pushes us, further from our true self.  The questions I asked myself every day: “how can I create space to have my time”, “how can I slow down”.  In the last few months I have read a few books, and one in particularly that shine some light was the book called ‘The essentialism”.  This book really helped me put things into perspective, such as prioritizing what is important.


Here are a few tips that has helped me discern my time.

1-Trade-offs :  When the thought of doing several things in a day crosses your mind, stop, pause, and pick one of the choices. As hard as picking a choice can be, trade-offs represent a significant opportunity.  It helps us outweigh both options and strategically choose the best one.  Be prepared to ask which problem do I want to deal with? What do I really want to put my energy into?

2- Subtract:  When you are facing an obstacle, instead of pushing harder against it, ask; “How can I remove this obstacle all together.

3- Go with the flow: Starting with a blank one -week calendar.  Design your dream routine; how you want to spend your time each week. Our ability to execute the routine  improves with practice , just like any other ability.  In the book the essentialism by Greg Mc Keown, he says: routine is one of the most powerful tools for removing obstacles.  Without routine, the pull of non-essential distractions (ex: checking your phone calls, social media or reading your e-mail) will overpower us.  But if we create a routine that enshrines the essentials, we will begin to execute them on autopilot.


In conclusion I think we need to do less but better, remove obstacles to make execution easy and get the right things done.  Overall work as a community, so we can gain our strength and feed off from sustainable life.

I hope this was insightful,

Good health is good living,



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