The gift of time

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well, and enjoying the holidays. For some this is a time of seclusion, preferring to be alone, and for others it is a time to rejoice with their love one’s, partake in the blessings of life, food, playing, laughter and watching the children’s excitement in opening their gifts.

Whatever is your gift, I like to cherish the gift of now and wellbeing. Sometimes I am so caught up on the mundane daily tasks, rushing through life to build a better life that I forget the one I am living. So much so, I neglect to slow down! Having responsibilities and caring for others are far greater, than being in the now. It can be a constant battle to balance time with play and work.

Every Holiday season, I like to set some goals for the next year coming. Reevaluating my priorities and learning how to focus my energy according to those priorities, even when we are going with the flow or living the moment. Are your priorities set on high, medium, or low? Look around and you will see your answers. Your life as it is now reflecting the priorities you have chosen so far. If something is set on low priority switch the setting to high.

The Holidays is the best present ever, it feels like you can take a step back and enjoy the fruits of what you reaped and reflect on what is no longer working. A moment to celebrate the efforts of your arduous work to reach the reward. Honor the present, to reenergize, refresh and reconnect with love one’s.

So, I dedicate this time for beauty, love, creativity, connection, and well-being for 2022

Happy New Year!

Anna R. Dias

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